Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bury Me - review

Oh my word! I am completely floored by what I just read! Did this really come from Tara Sivec?? I fell in love with her back in the Chocolate Lover Series days (my that was some time ago)! Since then, she has continued to surprise me in a good way! From comedy to romance, erotica to mysteries, Bury Me is like nothing that you have read before.

Ravenna Duskin is 18 years old and she lives in a prison. This is her story and it's a twisted one. After waking up and not knowing who she is or what happened to her, she is determined to figure it out and once she does, it will bury you!

This book is full of twists and turn and will keep you guessing until the very end!

Cocky Bastard - review

OOohhhh Cocky Bastard was a perfect poolside read! 

Aubrey is headed across the country to California to start her life over when she meets the sexy Australian, Chance. He is hot, sexy and cocky yet when he fixes her flat tire, she offers him a lift home to the west coast. The two have quite the journey together. They sight see, inherit a goat and have a good time. After they cross the line, Chance disappears the next morning.

After two years, trying to forget Chance and actually be happy, things seem to work out in her favor. That is, until the day Chance shows up again. He will stop at nothing to get her back. His gestures are adorable and he definitely proves that he's not just a cocky bastard!