Bon Bons (Chick Lit)

Listed by Author in Descending Chronological Order of Release

Where We Belong - Emily Giffen Highly anticipated book from a fabulous author, this story did not disappoint! Marian has an 18 year old secret that shows up on her doorstep in NYC one night.  Kirby Rose is a girl trying to find out where she belongs in the world and seeks out her birth mother to get some answers. Marian helps Kirby find her father, Conrad who has also had this secret hidden from him for years.  Eighteen years after Marian walks out on Conrad it seems they have all found out where they belong!
Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffen 
Love the One You Are With - Emily Giffen
Baby Proof - Emily Giffen
Something Blue - Emily Giffen 
Something Borrowed - Emily Giffen

The Next Best Thing - Jennifer Weiner 
Then Came You - Jennifer Weiner 
Fly Away Home - Jennifer Weiner 
Best Friends Forever - Jennifer Weiner 
Certain Girls - Jennifer Weiner 
The Guy Not Taken - Jennifer Weiner - short stories  
Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner
Little Earthquakes -  Jennifer Weiner
In Her Shoes - Jennifer Weiner 
Good in Bed - Jennifer Weiner 

Mike, Mike and Me - Wendy Markham A favorite of mine! 
Slightly Suburban - Wendy Markham 
Slightly Married - Wendy Markham
Slightly Engaged - Wendy Markham 
Slightly Settled - Wendy Markham 
Slightly Single - Wendy Markham 

Another Piece of My Heart - Jane Green Andi met the perfect guy, Ethan, divorced man with 2 daughters. Great story about family and relationships!
Promises to Keep - Jane Green 
Dune Road - Jane Green 
The Beach House - Jane Green 
Second Chance - Jane Green 
Swapping Lives - Jane Green 
The Other Woman - Jane Green Story of an engaged woman and her mother-in-law to be.
To Have and To Hold - Jane Green 
Straight Talking - Jane Green
Babyville - Jane Green
Mr. Maybe - Jane Green
Jemima J - Jane Green A Novel about ugly ducklings and swans
Bookends - Jane Green

The Song Remains the Same - Allison Winn Scotch
The One That I Want - Allison Winn Scotch
Time of My Life - Allison Winn Scotch 
Department of Lost and Found - Allison Winn Scotch

Sam's Letters to Jennifer - James Patterson 
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson 

Falling Together - Maria de los Santos 
Belong to Me - Maria de los Santos sequel to Love Walked In
Love Walked In - Maria de los Santos  

Simply Sexy (Simply Series #5) - Carly Phillips
Body Heat (Simply Series #4) - Carly Phillips
Simply Sensual (Simply Series #3) - Carly Phillips
Simply Scandalous (Simply Series #2) - Carly Phillips
Simply Sinful (Simply Series #1) - Carly Phillips

Hot Property (Hot Zone #4) - Carly Phillips 
Hot Item (Hot Zone #3) - Carly Phillips 
Hot Number (Hot Zone #2) - Carly Phillips 
Hot Stuff (Hot Zone #1) - Carly Phillips

Summer Sisters - Judy Blume 



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