Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4) - review

Wicked Beat is the last book to be released in the Sinners on Tour Series however when reading, it's the fourth book in chronological order and is based on the Sinners drummer, Eric Sticks!

When Rebekah takes over her brother's position as the sound board operator, she has her sights set on Trey. When Eric continuously shows her attention and how sexy he thinks she is, it's just what Rebekah needs to start falling for him. Eric helps Rebekah feel beautiful again after cancer and a cruel ex and she helps Eric overcome his short comings, literally. The two of them are a perfectly weird fit for each other and they have some seriously hot and fun sex that only Ms. Cunning can deliver!

Some how I missed reading Trey's book which was released earlier but is supposed to be the last in the series so it sort of works out well for me. If you haven't experienced the Sinners on Tour yet, you are missing out! They are the best rock stars around!

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