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Just Breathe - BLITZ

Title: Just Breathe Trilogy

Publication Date: December 2013

Event organized by: Into the Night Reviews

Author: Heather Allen

Genre: Young Adult (YA)

Cover: B Design

For the first time the three books in the Just Breathe Trilogy - Just Breathe, Barely Breathing and

Forever Breathing - are available in one volume. This gorgeous mermaid trilogy tells us the story

of brother and sister, James and Ever Harding and their journey into an unknown world where

unbelievable things are possible.

Through their adventure they each learn about love, family, and responsibility. They are faced with

many challenges throughout the trilogy and they must choose to stand up and fight for what they

believe in.

As an added bonus this three volume edition contains a new, extended ending to this wonderful

trilogy, so be sure to pick it up to read the final chapter in James, Ever and of course, Jack’s story.


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Heather Allen is the author of The Just Breathe Trilogy, and The Sound of Shooting Stars. Heather finally realized her dream of becoming an author with the release of her mermaid trilogy. She savors every moment on this new journey and the wonderful friends she has met along the way. She has many more books planned. More ideas pop up than she has time to write about.

Heather currently resides in the scorching hot state of Florida with her husband and three children. She holds degrees in education from The University of Central Florida and Nova Southeastern University. She is a hopeless romantic who loves to read just about anything, coffee and Jelly Belly jellybeans. When she isn’t teaching, writing or reading, Heather can be found at the beach or out on the water boating.





Just Breathe (Just Breathe #1)

Ever Harding, an average teenager with a passion for swimming is about to turn eighteen. Out of the

blue she has been dumped by her long time boyfriend, which is the ultimate of tragedies in her life.

Little does she know that on that fated eighteenth birthday, she will have to make a choice that will

change her life as she knows it, forever.

A month before her birthday, Ever meets Jack, a mysterious new boy with mesmerizing eyes. He

affects her like no one else. This meeting sets things into a whirlwind she never would have dreamed.

With Jack's guidance she discovers a family line that leads her to the sea. She must make the ultimate

choice, stay on land where life as she knows it, won't change, or go and live in the sea as a mermaid

with Jack.

Ultimately her choice sets into motion an even bigger decision, in which she has the fate of a race of

people, in her hands. The people in the sea are in a feud, she will tip the balance. She must battle the

ageless moral delimma of prejudice and race. Once she comes to terms with her life changing choices,

she must ask herself, Did I make the right decisions?and Is Jack really who I think he is?



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Barely Breathing (Just Breathe #2)

Ever Harding used to believe in love. That is until she was left heartbroken by the only person she

ever really loved, Jack, the mysterious boy from her history class. Little did she know he was born of

the sea, on land to watch over her. But was he really? She made the ultimate sacrifice, to live in the sea

as a mermaid, for Jack and for love. But she found that in the end, that love wasn't enough.

Now she finds herself alone, having to make a huge choice. She must decide whether to defend others

against the choices she has made or fight for the freedoms of a population, she has just become a part

Ever's brother James, became a part of the sea not by any choice of his own, but he is willing to

embrace it as long as a certain long legged, beauty is by his side. But as his sister found, things are not

always as they seem.

In the end what they feared the most comes to reality, the battle, waged between staying true to life

in the sea or changing a race of people to become more powerful and diverse. Will Ever and James

survive the lines drawn in the sand or will they have to battle each other for what they believe?

Little do they know the battle in the end, will be something entirely different than what they were

ready for.



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Forever Breathing (Just Breathe #3)

Ever Harding has finally found where she belongs, with Jack in the sea. Just when she thought she

could start her new life, a new threat forms on the horizon. She must make her biggest choice yet. Is

she willing to risk everything to save the love of her life and all she holds dear?

James discovers yet again that his purpose is greater than anything he could ever imagine. He thought

he had it all figured out, but sometimes things can be very deceiving. Is he willing to stand up for all

he believes is right?

In the final book of the ‘Just Breathe’ trilogy, Ever and James find themselves not against each other

but fighting together to preserve the freedoms of others. Will they be able to defend the right to

choose when the odds are hugely against them?



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