Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frenched Series - reviews

 Floored (Frenched, #3)
Floored (Frenched 3)
After falling in love with Frenched, a true hidden gem, in my opinion, and Forked, I couldn't wait to read Floored. Floored was just as fun, if not better!

When Charlie Dwyer, handsome police officer shows up at Erin Upton's house after a break in, Erin is not only embarrassed but also attracted to this grown up version of the boy she used to know. Erin agrees to a date and finds herself falling more and more for Charlie. When she finds out he's been keeping a secret from her that changes her perspective on their entire relationship, she must decide whether or not Charlie is worth it.

With a lot of confessions, Breaking Bad references and kinky toys, this book floored me and I absolutely loved it!

Forked (Frenched 2)
Coco Thomas is Mia's best friend and partner at Devine Events. When planning a party and the party host requests none other than Nick Lupo, who also happens to be her gorgeous ex, as the caterer, you do what you can to get him to agree. Even if that means trading in your time to spend it with him!

When Coco and Nick spend time together, sparks fly regardless of the fact that their history is off limits and not to resurface again. Fortunately for them, some rules are made to be broken.

Forked was a great addition to the Frenched series and I can't wait for more form Melanie Harlow.

 Frenched (Frenched, #1)
Frenched and Yanked (Frenched 1.5)
This book! This book! Where has it been all my life?! Such a hidden gem and my personal favorite kind of book. What's better than a romantic encounter in Paris turned into something so much more?!

When Mia's fiance leaves her before the wedding, she is completely heartbroken. Her friends convince her to go on the honeymoon alone, it is Paris after all! When Mia finds herself in a bar with Lucas Fournier, he offers to show her around the city.

Since Mia is only going to be there a week, she lets Lucas give her the full parisian experience. Falling in love in Paris may sound cliche but I absolutely adored everything about this book! I loved even more that we got to continue Lucas and Mia's story in Yanked! You do not want to miss these books!




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