Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Devoured - review

So I must start off saying that I am extremely disappointed in this book. I was really hoping to Devour it! Dominant, bad boy, rock star Lucas Wolfe sounds yummy to me! Unfortunately, for some reason I just couldn't get into him. Maybe I was thrown off by the cover of this book. I've seen it before and this is the same guy on the cover of Easy. Hello other Lucas! 

So this Lucas is in the process of buying Sienna's grandmother's house which causes her to return to her hometown. When she sees Lucas again, thoughts of the past come back and she is determined to not revisit them.  Lucas will do anything to get Sienna into his bed including offering her the deed to the house for 10 days of her time.  

Not sure if there are just so many others that fit this description or if it was his relationship with Sierra but I didn't feel the electricity that pulled them together. Even though there were some hot scenes I wasn't completely Devoured by this book. Maybe I'll read the prequel, All Over You to get a glimpse of what happened between Lucas and Sienna 2 years ago in hopes that it changes my opinion of this book.

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