Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stealing Harper - review

Why, why, why Molly McAdams, do you torture me so?! If you haven't read Taking Chances yet, stop reading this NOW! Seriously. STOP! Go read that book then come back to this one.

After reading Taking Chances I was so thankful that the story was over and I wouldn't have to endure any more tragedy, tears and heartbreak. I can't believe that I actually had the courage to buy this book. So why did I read this after knowing everything that was going to happen and relive it all over again? Because I love Chase. That's why. And yes, even knowing how it ends, I cried all over again and my heart broke a little bit more.

Chase Grayson, you were taken from us too soon, without a warning, without a goodbye. I'm glad you got your goodbye in this book though I still wish things happened differently. I'm glad we got to see your side of the story and feel the love you had for Harper and the baby. She truly changed your world for the better. I think every girl reading this hates Trish for what she did to you. I personally blame her for the unexpected turn of events that prevent you from getting your happy ending. You can rest in peace now, we know how the story ends. 

Molly McAdams has made me fall in love, broken my heart, shattered it to a million pieces, yet still managed to make me love her more. I'm a forever fan!

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