Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tie Me (One Night With Sole Regret) - review

Kellen Jamison, rhythm guitarist for Sole Regret, can Tie Me up any day! 

Although his heart is tied to his past and the fiance that he lost to cancer, Kellen is trying to untie the strings and remove the cuffs that keep reminding him of what he no longer has. When he hears the hauntingly beautiful piano coming from the house next door he is drawn to the sound like a moth to a flame. It's then that he meets the classical composer Dawn O'Reilly. Dawn is a stunning character who is tied to her music. She and Kellen have a spark that ignites instantly and they discover how strong ties can bind and how good the release can be!

This night with Sole Regret was one of my favorites. I love the thought of severing the ties to your past while tying them to your future in a completely erotic and sexy way. Olivia Cunning has a way with words and has mastered the hot rock stars. I may never look at a piano the same way again!

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