Friday, August 29, 2014

That Girl - review

I really enjoyed reading That Girl by HJ Bellus. I'm pretty sure that every time she writes a book, I have to read it.

That Girl is about her, yep, that girl, the one that comes from an abusive, non loving home. She's broken, poor and finally eighteen and ready to get out of the small town she calls home. She sets off without much and going from town to town with a different identity in each place she stops at. That is, until she meets that boy. Yep, you know the one, star football player, hot, popular guy. In this book,  he's known as Lincoln Wilks. 

Lincoln has been living in his brother's shadow for far too long and that girl may just be the one to shine the light on him.

I think this is HJ's best work to date!

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