Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blocked - Cover Reveal

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Racing hearts, Toe curling kisses, Sexy whispers...

Decker Brand has spent the past four years earning back his man-card. He’s got the calloused hands, the

dirty jeans and the toned body to show for it. Now that he’s satisfied with whom he is he intends to stay

true to himself even if it means remaining alone.

Lingering glances, Soft touches, Shallow Breaths...

April Maddox thought she'd lucked out when she found her prince at the early age of sixteen.

Unfortunately, their kiss turned him from king to croaker right before her eyes.

Forsaken and cynical, she fears all men will leave her with warts before hopping off to another woman’s

Smooth strokes, Light nips, Gentle tugs...

When it comes to relationships, they say timing is everything, and everything has its time.

History has played a part in Decker’s and April’s desire to give up on love. Fate will bring them together.

It’s up to them to battle the outside forces, life’s interruptions, and daily dramas... together. With a little

faith, they can undo everything that’s been...


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