Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot Ticket - review

The Sinners are back and they are badder, hotter and sexier than ever!

I honestly couldn't wait for Jace's book, especially after all the glimpses we got of him in the first few books. I was definitely curious and dying to learn more about the bassist of the band.  Jace's story was a lot deeper than the other band mates. He had a rough childhood and believed that he was unwanted, unworthy of love and even doubted his spot in the band. 

Fortunately, he finds Aggie, a dominatrix who uses pain (and pleasure) to break through to Jace. She teaches him how to let go of his past and realize that he's just as much an important part of the band as everyone else. There isn't as much sex in this book but when there is, it's hot! 

I love that we get a little  bit of everyone in this book. It was brought together very well and gives us a deeper connection to the band rather than just a sexy, smutty read.

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