Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unleashed & Rock Me - reviews

I actually read Rock Me before I read Unleashed not realizing that they were a series. It was nice to go back and get Evan and Kelsey's story after already knowing them in book 2.

Kelsey and Evan have been close friends since college and she has always found him attractive. What she didn't know was that his feelings were mutual.  When Kesley catches her husband (who happens to be Evan's former best friend) in bed with Evan's fiance both of them are left to pick up the pieces. Since Evan has an already paid honeymoon to Hawaii, he invites Kelsey along thinking they both deserve to get away.

Of course things heat up on the island and the two end up falling in love. With the chemistry between the two of them, there is plenty of hot sex to be had!

Book 2 in the Ross Siblings series is my favorite! Brian is a hot, sexy, tattooed and pierced in all the right places ;)  Google "apradavya" if you don't know what I'm talking about!

When sweet, innocent Candace Andrews walks into a tattoo parlor for a little ink she knows that Brian is just the guy to give it to her. Although he is her cousin's ex and her family does not approve of him, she wants him anyway.  Candace is everything that is the complete opposite of Brian and she got under his skin. 

I loved this book! The story line was great and the characters were awesome. We even got a bit of Evan and Kelsey as well. The relationship between Brian and Candace is scorching hot! Bottom line, Rock Me freaking ROCKED!!!

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