Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leave Me Breathless - review

Cherrie Lynn! Wow! I absolutely loved Brian from Rock Me and now with Ghost, Leave Me Breathless did just that, left me breathless!

Seth "Ghost" Warren, Brian's best friend and fellow tattoo artist, is just as bad boy hot as you can get! Him and Macy Rodgers are as complete opposite as they could possibly be but they have an undeniable chemistry.  Although both of them have been burned before, they are willing to work past that in order to find their forever with each other.

"He was part of a world so separate from her own it would be impossible to bridge the chasm between them. He was heavy metal. She was all country, all the time. He wouldn't belong at a rodeo, and she wouldn't belong at one of his wild concerts where they probably sacrificed live chickens or bit the heads off bats onstage." 

What a great series and this book was worth the wait! We get more of Brian and Candace in this book too which was a huge bonus. Ghost and Macy are great characters and have amazing  Hope we get more of them soon!


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