Friday, November 2, 2012

Take Me - review

Just can't get enough of Olivia Cunning and her rock stars!

This night with Sole Regret features vocalist Jacob "Shade" Silverton. All he wants is to see his daughter when he can and his evil ex-wife puts him down every chance she can. Amanda Lange, his ex's sister is a great friend to him yet she is completely off limits. She's convinced that a one night stand with him will not change their friendship whatsoever but she needs to convince him.  Jacob has been fighting an undeniable attraction for so long and doesn't want to effect their friendship in any way.  Neither of them were prepared for the sparks that would ignite after just one kiss! 

This book was a whole lot of hotness in one little novella. Love that we got to see Shade as more than just a major rocker. Jacob has a whole different level to him but Shade is a freak in bed!!!  Can't wait for more of nights with no regrets!

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