Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brutally Beautiful - Review

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love Christine Zolendz! Her books are awesome and this is another one that adds to her stellar writing reputation!

Brutally Beautiful was not your happy go lucky love story. It's dark and brutal yet funny and sexy. After a tragic event, Kade Grayson has shut himself off from the world, expressing his feelings through books that he writes. Samantha Matthews is on the run from her past. With her best friend and a new name, she is attempting to leave her old life and start anew.

When she meets Kade, he captivates her in a way no one else can and she may just be the person to break down his walls and save him from the monsters that haunt him.

“I think the truth is that we are in love with the fantasy of being that one person who could inspire, arouse, or affect someone who is so untouchable to the rest of the world.  It makes us feel special; like we’re the diamond in the rough, the one in a million, the one that everyone else couldn’t be, and do what everyone else couldn’t do.  Imagine being that significant to someone?  To never have to doubt that he loves you, or needs you, or more importantly, wants you more than any other.” - Christine Zolendz

This book is 5 brutally beautiful stars!  

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