Saturday, January 10, 2015

Branded - review

Branded (Ignite Trilogy, #2)

Branded by Tara Sivec is the second book in the Ignite Trilogy and features Phina and DJ. We first met Phina in Burned, which was awesome. Phina is a firecracker! She had a rough childhood, was abused and burned. Phina is a strong character yet she has scars that she hides from the world. 

After a drunken night in high school, that DJ doesn't remember and Phina will never forget, the two end up parting ways. Fifteen years later, the two meet up again in a chance encounter and decide on a one night stand, with conditions! This is now Phina's chance for revenge and of course one night isn't enough for DJ, he wants more!

There is so much chemistry between DJ and Phina and the two become much closer. It could have been due to the threat of danger but the two of them were branded in eachother's hearts.

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