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Letters to Luca - BLOG TOUR

Welcome, welcome everyone to the Reunion Series, Letters to Luca blog tour!! I can't tell you how happy I am that you are here! Today is my first BLOGOVERSARY and to celebrate I am giving away a signed copy of the Reunion Series from M.R. Joseph! This is such a great series but I have to say that Luca is my favorite! Hope you enjoy my review and a few teasers to hold you over for now!

My Review:
Wow. Letters to Luca was hands down the best of the Reunion Series by MR Joseph! I absolutely fell in love with the characters. Leighton was awesome and Luca was delicious. Together they were perfect.

"I think I just died and went to hot-guy-in-my-bed heaven!" - M.R. Joesph

"We are like a s'more. I'm the marshmallow, he's the sweet chocolate and we melt together and it's hot". - M.R. Joseph

Leighton Parks was the shy, quiet girl in high school with a major crush on the popular, star baseball player, Luca Ferro. Out of fear of rejection, Leighton decided to express her feelings to Luca through letters. The letters were everything to Luca and no girl could compare to his "letter girl" until he met a Leighton right before their ten year reunion. Now a best-selling author with a hidden identity, Leighton is no longer that girl. Unfortunately, once her secret comes out, everything changes.

Full of love, angst, heartache and forgiveness, this book had it all. I completely devoured it from the very beginning and I have to say that MR Joseph has written a series that everyone can relate to and enjoy. 

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Leighton Parks:

"Luca, I..." His lips crash into mine before I have a chance to finish what I'm saying. He's gripping my face with both hands now and I'm powerless against his hot lips. I'm trying to keep my wits about me; I'm trying to still my hands, keeping them from grabbing his neck to deepen this kiss. My thoughts go around and around, I'm dizzy with desire, and I can't restrain myself from doing what I want to do any longer. 

I stretch my arms around his back and press my lips into him even farther. He takes his hands from my face and pulls me tightly against him. He gently slides his tongue into my mouth and I receive it with every fiber of my being. This kiss is slow, it's deliberate, it's loving and I don't want it to end.

Luca Ferro:

I push back her shoulders slightly, and she falls back on to the pillows of her bed. Her hair sprays out from beneath her and she holds her naked knees together. Her cream colored skin looks supple, and I want to kiss every inch of her. Her breasts and peach colored nipples are firm, but rest naturally outward. Her body is like a canvas. A beautiful display of art. Suddenly the way she looks changes the way I want things to go right now. I have this girl, in her bed, naked and wanton in front of me. She is mine for the taking, and I no longer feel the desire to just fuck her. I want to make love to her. Soft and slow, rough, and constant. I look at her and rest my hand over my heart. She looks at me confused. Here I am naked and waiting to be inside her, but she stills me. She stills my heart and I wonder how this magical creature came into my life.

Author Bio:
Mom and wife by day, author of contemporary romance by night, M.R. Joseph rediscovered one of her first loves, reading, and decided that she too had a story to tell. She took pen in hand and created the Reunion Series. She is a “Happily Ever After” type of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, believes in true love, soul mates, and that the fate of love is controlled by our own destiny. Becoming an author was a dream she never knew she wanted, but now it is her passion, and she prays it continues.

M.R. lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with the love of her life, her two beautiful kids, and the most adorable Goldendoodle dog the world has ever seen.
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