Friday, October 12, 2012

Hearts in Darkness - review

Hearts in Darkness was a hot little novella by Laura Kaye!

Mackenna James was having a terrible day and it is about to get worse when she literally stumbled into an elevator with a complete stranger and gets stuck for hours. Caden Grayson is covered in piercings and tattoos and dislikes dark, confined spaces. The two of them are complete opposites yet must help each other out during their time together. Opposites attract and sparks sure start flying in the dark!! 

“Caden let out his own moan when her lips pressed against the skin in front of his ear. She exhaled roughly. The rush of her breath over his skin brought goose bumps to his neck.
He trailed soft kisses across her cheek until he found her lips.
And then he couldn’t go slow anymore.
And neither could she.” -
Laura Kaye 

“He crowded right up into her space, pressed his body against hers—trapping her against the glass of the door behind her, plunged his hands into her hair until he was cupping the nape of her neck, and devoured her lips with his.” - Laura Kaye

This book definitely makes getting stuck in a elevator hot!

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