Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vincent Boys - reviews

Abbi Glines is amazing and so is the Vincent Boys series!

Sawyer and Beau Vincent are cousins who grew up with and both happen to be in love with Ashton Gray. Sawyer and Ashton are the perfect couple and lately Ashton has had enough. When Sawyer leaves town for the summer, Beau and Ashton try to rekindle their friendship. Beau is the town bad boy and the sexiest guy that Ashton has ever seen. He is also the perfect guy to bring out her wild side! I love the relationship between Beau & Ashton. I am totally team Beau (must be my love for bad boys)!

The Vincent Boys was a perfect blend of love, romance, drama (hello love triangle!) and fun. It was a great read and the ending set up the next book brilliantly.

The Vincent Brothers was a great addition to the Vincent Boys series. 

Sawyer, who's been left heartbroken by Ashton and Beau is trying to move on with his life. When Ashton's cousin Lana comes to town Sawyer believes that hanging out with her will at least make Ashton jealous. Of course Lana has had a crush on Sawyer for years and is trying to help him move on from Ashton to her. 

Sawyer and Lana heat up the pages! They really are great characters! I loved seeing Sawyer grow up and I actually liked him so much more in this book than I did in the first.

If you haven't read any books from Abbi Glines, I strongly suggest you start now!


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