Friday, October 5, 2012

Reflected in You - review

Wow. Gideon Cross. I think he's even hotter than I remember!  Book 2 in the Crossfire Series was an excellent continuation of Gideon and Eva's story.

Without giving this book away at all I can say that it's full of drama, angst and scorching hot love scenes! Gideon and Eva's relationship is nothing short of difficult with both of them dealing with past issues and insecurities. It's an emotional roller coaster of a story. When things are bad it's really bad and when it's good, it's really good! And the sex is REALLY GOOD! I felt Eva's frustrations throughout the entire book  with all of Gideon's ups and downs. They have an  extremely addictive relationship and they are each others choice of drug! I wouldn't give up Gideon either if I were Eva!

I am completely addicted to their story and can't wait for Entwined With You!

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