Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Incidental Happenstance - review

I absolutely read this book because of the cover! If you don't know me then you probably don't know my love for all things Paris related (and I will get there one day)! That said, this book was it's own Incidental Happenstance!

Tia Hastings lost her fiance one year ago and has been in mourning since. On the anniversary of his death, she decides she is ready to start over and get back out in the world. She goes out to a dive bar where she can observe the whole dating scene again.
Dylan Miller, megastar, just so happens to be at the same dive bar as Tia however, he's incognito and trying to blend into the crowd. Tia recognizes him and their relationship takes off immediately. 

The characters are likeable, well other than Penelope Valentine who is out to destroy Dylan and Tia's relationship. This book reminded me a lot of Love Unscripted. I didn't like that Dylan was a rock star AND and actor, seems a little far fetched. I did enjoy the fact that the music brought them together and I wouldn't mind a follow up to Dylan and Tia's story.

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