Friday, June 27, 2014

Cursed Love - review

Cursed Love by TH Snyder was definitely different from the Touch Series where I first got to know her writing. This book is more edgy and full of hot tattooed men. Um, hello, did you not admire the cover?!
I really liked Linc. After a childhood event left him scared and traumatized, this bad boy took off to live the life he wanted and not the life his parents had expected him to have.  With his best friend Daulton by his side, the two opened a tattoo shop and moved on with their lives. Amongst the numerous amounts of women to come through the door, there was one that got under Linc's skin. It's not until Jo leaves that Linc realizes his feeling for her.

Enter Etty. Girl in hiding, on the run, tattooed and spunky, looking to start over. When she meets Daulton and Linc they become fast friends. In such a small world, paths are sure to cross and we are left with a huge cliffhanger! Fortunately for me, Cursed Ecstasy just came out and I don't have to wait to find out what happens next!

P.S. - I was totally rooting for Linc and Etty. Not a big Jo fan :(

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