Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Losing Hope - review

Okay, I have a serious fan girl crush on Colleen Hoover! She is amazing! If you haven't read any of her books then I strongly suggest adding them to the top of your reading list immediately! Losing Hope was nothing short of stunning! 

Hopeless is one of my favorite books and when I finished it I wasn't expecting a book from Holder's perspective. Let's just say that I love Dean Holder even more now and this book completed him! From the first kiss to all the forevers, I lived this book to the fullest!

Losing Hope is not just Hopeless retold but it is truly Holder's side of the story. From every heartbreak and hopeless moment to finding and discovering Hope and love, this emotional book is again pure perfection that only Colleen Hoover can deliver. 

I can't rave about it enough so I'll stop here.

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