Monday, August 13, 2012

Dex Files and Weekend Reading

So the Dex Files - Experiment in Terror #5.7 is out today and I've already started reading it. If you haven't read the Experiment in Terror Series than I suggest you do, in order! The Dex Files is a compilation of all the books told from his point of view.  The series is about Dex Foray, a 30ish year old bad boy and Perry Palomino a 20 something girl who sees ghosts. They become partners on the web show Experiment in Terror (think Ghost Hunters) and they have some close encounters. It's an excellent series and easy reads. 4.5 stars in my book!

I also got to read Wishing for Someday Soon which was a little depressing but not all that bad.  

Fall From Grace was so good that I had a hard time putting it down (so I practically didn't) and of course it helped that Shane Maxton reminded me a lot of Kellen Kyle (Thoughtless/Effortless)!  You can't go wrong with hot rockstars and fallen angels!

And then I read My Heart for Yours which was really good and somewhat reminded me of the Notebook which is my all time favorite movie! 

All in all I'd say it was a productive reading weekend and reviews will be coming shortly!

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