Friday, August 24, 2012

Sea Breeze Trilogy - review

Breathe - Book #1

I totally have a toothache from reading this story!  It's super sweet and extremely corny but in a good way. 

Sadie White is a  young, responsible girl who was forced to grow up quickly because of her immature and pregnant mother. Her new summer job is to fill in for her mom as the "help" for Jax Stone, teen rock star and heart-throb! They fall in love almost instantly and are both completely smitten. She doesn't fit in to his world but they are determined to make their love work especially since she is his....air!

I wish the story was a little stronger and that Jax was a little more man! He was way too soft especially for a rock star! Sadie is beautiful and naive which is a perfect combo for Jax. All in all it was a cute story about young love. May have just been a little too young for me.

Because of Low - Book #2

Okay, I liked this book way better than the first! It wasn't as cheesy and I honestly enjoyed the characters more. 

Marcus Hardy, as we met in Breathe, is the genuine good guy. He's sweet and sexy in his own way and he's back in Sea Breeze! He meets Willow, "Low", through his new roommate, Cage York (I hope we get his book next!). Problem is that Cage believes that he is going to marry Low once he gets his playboy mentality out of the way. Both Marcus and Low are dealing with their own family issues and about halfway through this book I thought, "this can't end well".  Luckily the relationship between Marcus and Low is strong enough to survive.

While it Lasts - Book #3

Hands down the best of the series!!! Cage York is YUMMY!!!  Get ready to fall in love with him!

Cage has found himself working on a farm for the summer as punishment for drunk driving and to avoid losing his baseball scholarship.  The new resident bad boy meets Eva, the farmers' daughter who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.  Since Eva was a kid, she has been in a relationship with Josh, her fiance who died at war just a little over a year ago. She is still mourning the loss of him but Cage may just be the guy to help her move on.

What I really like about this series is that the writing style advances the same way the characters mature.

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