Monday, August 13, 2012

Slammed - review

"I got schooled this year by a boy"

Let me just say that I absolutely adored this book! 18 year old Layken moves into town with her mom and younger brother and immediately meets Will Cooper, the 21 year old neighbor who is raising his younger brother. The two hit it off from the beginning and the younger brothers become the best of friends. Not everything is how it seems and Will and Layken's relationship comes to a sudden halt yet their feelings do not. 

This book has so many emotional ups and downs and is full of poetry, romance, love, heartbreak, friendship, family and hope! 

If you have not put this on your to-read list, do it now or just go ahead and read it. Make sure to get Point of Retreat (the sequel) as well because you are going to want that one as soon as you finish this amazing book!

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