Monday, August 13, 2012

Thoughtless - review

Kellen Kyle, Kellen Kyle, Kellen Kyle!!! *sigh* 

Kiera and her boyfriend, Denny drive to Seattle to start their new lives together. When Denny's job has him go to Arizona for a few months, Kiera turns to Denny's best friend and local rock star, Kellen Kyle. He is amazing and that's putting it mildly! Kellen is gorgeous, intense and incredibly sexy! 

I absolutely had a love/hate relationship with this book as I was reading it. Kiera was completely annoying to me and at times had me wanting to throw my kindle across the room! If it wasn't for Kellen Kyle and all of his rockstar sexiness then I probably would have! Kiera was very immature,a total tease and I felt so bad for Denny. This angst filled love story will have your heartstrings tugged at from the very beginning!

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