Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pushing the Limits - review

Pushing the Limits was a great story of two teenagers who have both lost so much and have managed to fall in love in the process of growing up and finding themselves.

Echo Emerson used to have it all until her entire life changed one night. The problem is that she doesn't remember that night yet she is left with the physical and emotional scars as a constant reminder.  Bad boy Noah Hutchins lost his parents two years ago, was separated from his younger brothers and has been in foster care ever since.  Echo and Noah form a beautiful bond while attempting to put the pieces of their broken lives back together.  

I really liked this story and found it was beautifully written, emotionally disturbing, heart-wrenching, edgy and very similar to a lot of books that I have previously read. Think Perfect Chemistry meets Barely Breathing, meets Almost, meets Beautiful Disaster!

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