Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mighty Storm - review

This book is absolutely mighty amazing!!!

Trudy Bennett hasn't seen her best friend and boy she once loved in twelve years. He also happens to be Jake Wethers, deliciously sexy, tattooed, rock star of the Mighty Storm! Tru is sent to interview Jake for the magazine that she writes for and old sparks immediately start flying. The only problem is that Tru has a boyfriend, Will, of 2 years and Jake is (wild, untameable, man-whore, rock god) well, Jake! Even so, he was her first love and neither of them want to let the other go again. Jake is persuasive and gets what he wants when he wants it! Tru is beautiful, smart and level-headed when it comes to everything but Jake!

The Mighty Storm had the perfect combination of love, romance (who'd have thought Jake had it in him?!), plenty of angst, no really, PLENTY OF ANGST and great characters.  I loved everything about this book, including the ending! This book made me smile, my heart hurt, my eyes tear up and my stomach flutter! It's just what I love when reading!

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