Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gabriel's Rapture - review

Gabriel Emerson is back in this brilliant follow up to Gabriel's Inferno!

This book picks up right were the first leaves off. Julia and Gabriel's relationship has progressed and they travel to Italy for a lecture that Gabriel is delivering on Dante.  While there, Gabriel introduces the Julia to the culture and all the beauty that Italy has to offer. It's just screaming romance!!! Swoon!  Gabriel has mastered the art of seduction and you can feel it when you read this book.  There is so much passion and love that just pours out on each page. The museum scene happens to be one of my all time favorites! Of course there is reality that the pair faces once they return from Italy.  Full of drama and angst, Gabriel and Julia each take their own personal journey which leads them right back to where they belong, together!

This is hands down one of the sexiest, seductive, hottest, and profound romances ever! It doesn't get much better than this!

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