Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Heart for Yours - review

What a great book! It totally reminded me of the Notebook, my all time favorite movie, just a little bit sadder. 

Tobin has just lost his older brother to a horrific death and now the unexpected arrival of Delia, his first love and former girlfriend, at the funeral is enough to break him completely.  The story of Tobin and Delia is told from alternating point of views, past and present, we get a glimpse of their relationship from the beautiful beginning to the heartbreaking end that was just about a year ago. Now that Delia is back, her and Tobin have a chance to repair their relationship as long as miscommunication doesn't ruin it for them.

This emotional story is about young love, loss and relationships. It was beautifully written and the addition of the poetry brought it together perfectly.


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  2. I love this book cover. It definitely makes me want to read the book. I'm glad you mentioned the poetry part. A lot of times in books when people "write" songs or poetry, it comes out kind of cheesy. So, good to read in your review that it works in this book.

  3. This book sounds like a tear jerker:) i am following via GFC from book blogs:) here is my blog: http://andreaheltsley.blogspot.com