Thursday, September 20, 2012

Avoiding Commitment - review

Oh K.A. Linde!!!! How you torment me!!! (In a good way, of course!) Even writing this review gets me all torn up again!

Jack and Lexi have never had a normal relationship. You could say that it was tainted from the beginning. Everything changes one night when Jack calls Lexi after 2 years and asks her to talk to his new girlfriend, soon to be fiance, Bekah and convince her that he's now ready to be in a committed relationship. Ugh, really?! Jack! 

Lexi relives her relationship with Jack and the book alternates between past and present day. Avoiding Commitment is super angsty!! Like you wanna punch someone in the face, break your kindle in half, angsty! Every girl has had a "Jack" in her life....I love you, Jack and I hate you, Jack! Bekah, you manipulative bitch! I hate you more! And Ramsey, well, I'm still undecided.  And I can't wait for more! 

(Luckily I've already read Avoiding Responsibility and I didn't have to wait. Review is coming shortly.) If you haven't read it yet, it'll be out December 1st!

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