Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love Unscripted - review and New Cover update!!!!

Love, love, love this new cover as much as I loved this book!!
Since we only have about a week left until the release of Love Unrehearsed I figured it's the perfect time to review Love Unscripted. If you haven't read it yet, put it on your list!

Ryan Christensen is the new up and coming actor who is constantly in the spotlight. All he wants is a little privacy and while he's filming in Rhode Island the crazy fans stalk him, pretty much attack him and he stumbles into a bar owned by Taryn Mitchell. Taryn is your everyday girl who has been hurt before and is very cautious with her heart. She sees Ryan as a person and not just the Hollywood actor that he is and the two of them hit it off instantly. The story line was great, a little long but you actually get a feel for the characters and their relationship.
I can't wait for the release of Love Unrehearsed!!

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