Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taking Chances - review

Bring out the tissues!!!! I can't believe that on all of the days to read this one, I pick September 11th. It was ironic that the book made reference to that day and it was extremely emotional in just the right places.

Taking Chances started off with a Beautiful Disaster/Thoughtless feel too it but about halfway through that entire thought was gone and my world was flipped upside down! I was literally sobbing and completely in shock! NOOOOOOO!!! I had to re-read the page twice to make sure I was reading it right!

Harper, the daughter of a Marine, grew up on base in North Carolina and moves to California to start college and live her life. She almost instantly falls in love with two incredibly gorgeous guys who also happen to be friends. Chase is the brother of Harper's new roommate Bree (who is an amazing character and everyone should have a bff like her). He knows that he is no good for Harper but he gives up his skanky girls and drunk nights in an attempt to prove his worth.  Brandon is an underground MMA fighter with a sensitive side and Harper and him immediately start dating. (I was totally waiting for him to screw up in a bad way).  Both guys have swoon worthy moments and will do anything for Harper yet I am totally Team Chase (I think)! It's a torturous love triangle and you honestly get the love that Harper feels for both of them. Without giving away any spoilers (and believe me I want to this time) Bree and Chase's parents take in Harper as one of their own and they show her love that she has never received from her own father. 

The book is a little long but I'm happy that it wasn't split into two books. Not sure if I'd have the heart to read the second one after the turn of events that take place. Taking Chances is an intense and heartbreaking story of family, love, loss, relationships and second chances!

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