Saturday, September 8, 2012

Taken & No Takebacks (Give and Take series) - review

Although Rachel Desalvo originally turned down the job, billionaire Merrick Rocha will do anything to get her to be the project manager on the renovation of a historic hotel he just bought. This includes drugging her and taking her to the secluded island known as Turtle Tear thinking that once she's there she will never want to leave. I liked the characters but didn't love them. I mean of course Merrick is the hot, sexy, broken billionaire but his thought process is entirely screwy! Instead of pursuing Rachel about the job he drugs and kidnaps her, really? He couldn't think of another way to get her to the island? And to invite his ex-lover into the bedroom with them believing that it will help and it's what Rachel would want? Come on!

What I really liked about this book is that it's written in the second person. It definitely reminded me a bit of Stolen by Lucy Christopher but it was scorchingly  hotter!! 

No Takebacks is a Taken Novella. It was way better than Taken and super hot! 

It is now the grand opening of Turtle Tear and Rachel's friends and family are on the island as well as some of Merrick's family. Unfortunately, Merrick is having to sell off the business that he built from the ground up and Rachel wants to know why. When Merrick's father contacts her and wants to meet, she walks away from Merrick and leaves him ultimately betrayed. 

This novella set the foundation for the next book. We are left with a huge cliffhanger and a long wait until the next book comes out!

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