Monday, September 10, 2012

Backstage Pass & Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour) - reviews

Love, sex (a LOT of it) and rock and roll! Yep! Pretty much sums it up. This is one of the hottest books I have read. There is so much sex that I was a little embarrassed reading it. Believe it or not, there is a plot to this book and when I finished the book, I realized how much I really liked it. I'm totally a Sinners fan!

Myrna is a psychologist/sex professor who meets the band one night at a hotel that she is staying at for a conference. All of the band members hit on her but she is only interested in Brian, the lead guitarist. She is only interested in a one night stand but he wants something a little more permanent. Immediately the chemistry is there and Myrna brings out the music in Brian! She ends up going on tour with the band and they have some wild, crazy sex throughout the entire book. It's wickedly hot!!

Each book in the series is based on a band member and I can't wait for more!

More Sinners!!! I fell like a groupie!

Jessica completely broke Sed's heart (and hers) when she called off their engagement two years ago. Since then Sed, the lead singer has been keeping busy with many girls however, none of them get a piece of his heart. When Sed and Jessica run into each other at Brian's bachelor party, neither is happy about it. Myrna hires Jessica as her assistant and invites her to come on tour with the band for the summer.  

Sed and Jessica's love for each other is undeniable and they have lots of romantic, passionate, public sex! He was so completely different in this book then he was in the first. Then ending was super sweet too! We also get to learn a lot about Trey, Jace and Eric. I can't wait for the rest of their stories. 

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