Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ascent of the Undeparted - review

Book 2 in the Undeparted Series was just as awesome, if not better than the first!

Quentin is trying to discover a way to alter his blood so that he  will be able to change him and Cassandra back to mortal. If they can ascend to the final judgement, Quentin may be able to atone for his past sins.  The one thing standing in his way is the Banished One, Lucius!! Lucius, once known as Mike is out for revenge against Quentin. He kidnaps Cassandra as leverage against Quentin and will stop at nothing to take down the powerful vampire.  Although Quentin in seemingly weaker because of the blood altering potion, his love for Cassandra is much stronger!

Deborah Palumbo is a fantastic story teller and I strongly suggest that you start reading this series! I hear it's only gonna get better!!!!

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