Monday, September 17, 2012

Love Unrehearsed - review

I absolutely freakin' love Ryan Christensen!!!!

It's been way too long since we got to meet Ryan in Love Unscripted but it was so easy to get right back there with him and Taryn. Ryan is so incredibly swoon worthy, sigh, and he only has eyes for Taryn regardless of his leading ladies and crazy fan girls!

Their love story picked up right where it left off and we got to see a lot of premier parties and more world traveling. My only problem was that there was a lot going on but a lot of nothing going on.  Sure we got the engagement party, Taryn's adoption, Ryan's anxiety, the paparazzi, drugs, lack of privacy, a couple arrests and occasional stalker but for me everything went by too quickly. I wish the wedding scenes were a little longer, especially theirs! I'm so glad Ryan and Taryn get their happy ever after and the ending was perfectly perfect.

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